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Dr. Movsesyan, Psy.D

Dr. Movsesyan is a clinical psychologist working in the Los Angeles area. He focuses on all aspects of psychology, which include, but are not limited to depression, anxiety and phobias, relationship difficulties, life transitions, difficulties with self-esteem, eating issues, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, professional/career issues, college/graduate school issues, medical and health concerns, pain management, stress management, attention deficit disorder (ADD), sexual abuse, domestic violence, grief, loss, bereavement, substance addiction/drug addiction, and trauma. He offers both in person sessions and teletherapy sessions to make his clients' more comfortable.


When meeting Dr. Movsesyan, it is very evident that he has a passion for what he does. He takes pride in his work and truly wants to help his clients achieve a better mental state. As a Los Angeles psychologist, Dr. Movsesyan strives to provide his clients with utmost professionalism. During a recent interview with him, he was asked why he chose to enter the field of psychology. His reply to the question was the following: 



I’ve had a passion for the field of psychology for many years now. Because of my admiration for it, I was determined to become that person who would help others deal with and even cure their mental suffering. The journey was a tedious one, but nonetheless, I was determined to reach my goal. It all started at California State University, where I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. After graduating, I attended Alliant International University where I earned my Master’s degree and then followed pursuing my Doctorate degree. My main focus was on forensic psychology, which I found particularly interesting, but I am trained and experienced in many fields of psychology. Since graduating, I have worked as a clinician and have helped numerous individuals with their personal battles. Psychology, to me, is more than just a career. I study people; I see who they are and where they’ve came from. I observe why they act and think the way they do. Every single thing a person does is connected to psychology, and through psychology, I can help individuals improve their lives. That’s why this subject is so important to me, and that's why I chose to do it for the rest of my life.



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