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Group Therapy

Individual psychotherapy can produce very strong connections, but that doesn’t go to say that group psychotherapy can’t provide the same. A group setting has its own benefits. For instance, some individuals may lean towards doing therapy with others because it assures them that they are not facing problems alone, and that others may be going through the same thing. In a way, group therapy provides support from more than just the therapist. Group therapy can also help individuals build stronger social skills, or even help them cope with their problems better when they see others who have overcome their own. 


Whether you are someone who needs a more quiet, individual approach, or someone who doesn’t mind being amongst others during a session, the main point is that you are seeking help. This is the first step in overcoming your battles. As far as the steps that follow, I will be there for you to guide you, listen to you, and help you overcome those battles as your psychologist in Los Angeles.

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