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Dr. Movsesyan Therapy Services: Teletherapy and its Importance During COVID-19

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Teletherapy is a modern day approach to psychology and has proven to be beneficial for many clients dealing with mental health. Now, more than ever, is a time where teletherapy is used persistently. Given the current global pandemic which is COVID-19, teletherapy provides a safe, contactless way to see your psychologist. Dr. Movsesyan Therapy Services is now offering teletherapy sessions to both current and new clients to ease their situations during COVID-19. What is teletherapy? Teletherapy is the coined term that refers to therapy that is provided via online. A licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, or a certified therapist, can provide his or her client a therapy session using a secure video connection. Dr. Movsesyan uses HIPAA compliant conferencing using a highly secure video software. This software is also user-friendly and allows Dr. Movsesyan to provide his clients with professional services in all aspects pertaining to mental health.

How is teletherapy useful?

Whether you live 5 minutes from your psychologist’s office, or have a 2 hour drive, teletherapy will remain a constant because where you are will not matter. Geographical variance, transportation, or a busy schedule will not be an issue when it comes to teletherapy because everything will be conducted via an online presence.

Give us the details:

Digital technology is at its all time high, and being able to use it for medical purposes gives it a deeper value. Software that is used for teletherapy allows face-to-face interactions so that the client and the therapist can have a visual connection without either of them actually being next to each other, or even in the same area for that matter. Teletherapy basically gives you the option to still see your therapist without the need to even leave your house.

Reasons to implement teletherapy:

Teletherapy can be used for more than just convenience. Reasons can range from personal to external. One reason that can be categorized as personal to the client can be physical limitations, being that the client actually has physical limitations and finds it very difficult to leave the house. Other reasons can arise from external conditions, in this case, like COVID-19. Teletherapy offers those clients who are faced with either personal or external complications, the chance to still see a therapist.

Teletherapy and COVID-19:

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, was a worldwide pandemic that debilitated thousands and thousands of people in various ways. One of those ways was being stripped of the opportunity to leave the house and see your therapist at your convenience. Due to the mandatory quarantine, to the actual health risk leaving the house may have caused, and to the shutdown of many medical offices, COVID-19 really affected the face-to-face therapy sessions a client could have had to help them deal with their mental state.

With teletherapy coming into play, COVID-19 was not a concern to those who were unable to travel to their therapist. The concern now rose from COVID-19 actually giving clients more of a reason to see a therapist. Many people faced anxiety, stress, depression, fear, and uncertainty during the start of COVID-19; and because it is still considered a global pandemic, many people are still facing those issues today. Many also lost their jobs due to the outbreak and were left dealing with unemployment. This adds a certain type of stress for those who need a fixed income. All in all, COVID-19 raised the need for therapy, and because of teletherapy in place, this need was met.

We appreciate teletherapy!

  • Teletherapy offers access to therapy for those who have a commute issue. Whether you live in a location with access to many therapists, or live in a more remote location, all you really need is good Internet connection to carry out your therapy session.

  • Teletherapy is also very beneficial to disabled populations who struggle with physical accessibility. This applies to all who may need wheelchair access, have a certain type of chronic illness, or who are bedridden. Teletherapy will offer these individuals the chance to still see a therapist if they need one – right from the comfort of their homes.

  • Teletherapy can also be useful for college students who may not have access to the counselors at their schools, whether its due to an overbooked schedule or due to COVID-19 and the closure of many schools.

  • Some people might not have pressing issues but might have pressing schedules and might need to be very strict on time management. Teletherapy offers these individuals a broader spectrum in regards to appointments. The therapist might offer after-hour appointments, weekend appointments, or emergency teletherapy sessions too.

  • Teletherapy also offers a sense of comfort for those who might have a difficult time opening up to a therapist. Given that the session is conducted at a familiar setting for the client (for example, their room), opening up could be easier than it would have been if they were to travel to an office they had never been to.

  • In addition to being helpful to specific groups of individuals, teletherapy also offers safer, contactless options for those who are at a higher risk of catching the coronavirus, or to those who want to take precaution. Because booking an appointment and receiving therapy is in essence, a click away, therapy has never been easier for those in need! 

You’re informed, what now? Now that you know about teletherapy, its importance, and how you or a loved one might benefit from it, its time you know how to access it. Dr. Movsesyan Therapy Services offers teletherapy sessions that can easily be booked on the website. For more information, visit the website today and get acquainted with Dr. Movsesyan’s services. Dr. Movsesyan earned his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at California State University. Upon graduating, he attended Alliant International University where he earned his Master’s degree and then followed up with his Doctorate. Since graduating, Dr. Movsesyan has seen numerous clients and helped them with their mental health status, both through in person appointments and through teletherapy!


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